It is Done.


Easter Sunday was just yesterday. Where we recognize and remember Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all of our sins.

The day after Easter. Where we look back on all God did. Countless numbers of lives coming home. Relationships restored. Healing taking place. It all comes back to God.

It wasnt until this morning that it sunk in my heart. After all the things that took place to make 6 easter services happen in three days. I sit in this main auditorium alone. The chaos has settled.

Jesus. Jesus. That’s all that went through my mind. Though it’s the day after Easter, continue to remember. Continue to celebrate.

Then, as I’m wrapping up Relvation. It talks about the end times and how there is war between the enemy and the army of God. How Jesus wins and then I read these words.

It is done.

We hear all the time, “It is finished.” The last words to come out of Jesus’ mouth before giving His spirit to God. I couldn’t help to think of this moment after I read, It is done.

If Jesus hadn’t gone to the cross. If He hadn’t uttered the words, it is finished. It wouldn’t be done. But because He did, it is done.

Jesus is coming back. Let us celebrate together by believing and living that truth.

Perspective. That’s what Jesus had in the moments before saying it is finished on the cross. He knew He would be able to say, it is done.

Many of us are in times where we have to go through something we don’t want to. A decision we don’t want to make. But some of us just need perspective.

Where would you stand if it all worked out? What would your life look like if you continued to make the disciplined choices you’ve been meaning to take? What if you went through the hard times, choosing joy instead of complaining?

Jesus had perspective. Because of so,

It. Is. Done.


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