Give Your Best

I feel like I never do enough. Will I ever be enough?

Why do I even try? I won’t ever do it right.

I’ll never be perfect. I always mess up.

These are a few things that constantly run through my mind. Maybe they run through yours as well.

I feel like I never do enough in my relationship with God and with my fiancé, Brandi. 

I feel like I never do enough to be a better person. To learn more. To love more. To have better time management.

I have seasons where I discipline myself to go and go and go, till I don’t practice rest anymore.

I have seasons where I feel like I shouldn’t even try because before I know it, I’ll feel the same way I always have before.

I found myself reading Malachi and in chapter one, it talks about how the Jews who were have been set free from being in exile by the Babylonians for 70 years. They rebuilt the walls of the city and everything was starting to come together. God was doing amazing things. They began to follow God by giving Him everything.

And then…. not even 100 years go by and the excitement of everything that God was doing started to fade away. They began to disobey in areas here and there. In this instance, in Malachi 1, they were sacrificing defiled animals on the Lord’s altar. 

Now this may not be a huge thing today. But before Jesus died and shed His blood so we may be forgiven, animal sacrifices were used to ‘pardon’ sin. The requirements were to present the BEST animal in the flock. Not one that was blind or crippled. 

Let’s say the president is coming to your home next week to have dinner. What is your response? Buy the best meat. Cook everything to perfection. Not warm up yesterday’s leftovers. This is the same as presenting a perfect animal sacrifice to the Lord.

Where am I going with this? Well, as I began to read this, while battling through all those mind games. It hit me. 

I never do enough. I never feel like enough. I won’t ever do it right. I always mess up. I’m too tired to try.

What if instead of trying to meet all these standards, I give my best? Track with me here.

Now when I say the best, I mean hard work. I mean giving your everything. I do not mean just to what you think you’re capable of. 

Instead of battling through mind games of if you’ll ever be enough. Ask yourself if you’re giving your best. 

The Jews weren’t, so they began to fall away from God. Far away. Yet walking into the promise land wasn’t anything they deserved. 

God isn’t asking for perfection. He’s asking for your best. 

So, are you giving your best? In your relationships. In your spiritual disciplines? In working hard?

Go do your best, and God will do the rest.



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