Forgiveness is Freeing

I’m currently reading the SevenMileMiracle bible reading plan for Easter on YouVersion.

It talks about the last seven things Jesus said while He was up on the cross. The cross. A huge symbol for Christianity. When you think of the cross, what runs through your mind?

In the first day of the bible reading plan talks about Luke 23:34.

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

Days before being hung on the cross, a crowd was honoring Him. Preparing the road with honor for Him. Saying Praise the Son of David.

Now, He’s in front of a crowd. Who’s yelling crucify Him. And how does Jesus respond?

With forgiveness. He set us free with the very words He spoke at that moment. A powerful moment we can overlook if not thought deeply about.

Pain beyond bearable. Weakness entering His body. Emotions rising in the inside. Thoughts running through His head.

Forgive them. Forgive them.
You are forgiven.

What are you holding on to? Who do you need to forgive?

Set them free… Set yourself free.


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