Why Have Humility?

Humility. We hear that all the time, but what does that even mean?

Humility is recognizing that in myself I am nothing and have nothing, and therefore, everything in life is a gift from God’s hands.

A lot of times we think, we’re pretty humble. Here’s a personal evaluation you can take to see how humble you really are.

  • When people disagree with you, do you argue to defend your position?
  • Are you hurt when those whom you dislike are honored?
  • Do you find it difficult to admit you are wrong?
  • Do you inwardly react to criticism?
  • Do you give your opinions before being asked for them?
  • Do you enjoy sharing about your accomplishments?
  • Do you talk more than you listen?
  • Are you more concerned about your reputation or God’s?
  • Do you seek ways to humble yourself?
  • Do you do things for praise and compliments?
  • Do you accept praise rather than deflecting it?
  • Are you quick to correct others when they make mistakes?
  • Do you react when you do not receive credit you are due?
  • Do you compare yourself with others rather than God?

When we humble ourselves this is what God does for us…

  • Hears from Heaven and forgives us (2 Chronicles 7:14)
  • Saves us (Psalm 18:27)
  • Guides us and teaches us what is right/His ways (Psalm 25:9)
  • Crowns us with salvation (Psalm 149:4)
  • Gives us grace (Proverbs 3:34)
  • Exalts us (Matthew 23:12)

When you read the story in Daniel 4, you see that in King Neb’s dream, the tall tree was himself. And that the tree was to be cut down to the stump, which means only the stump and the roots would still be in the ground. What that meant was King Neb’s authority and kingdom to be taken from him because of the pride he had in him. You see in the end of the story he finally humbled himself and God restore his kingdom. But in verse 36, King Neb said that he was greater than even before.

When we humble ourselves, we no longer compare ourselves to the standard this world has. But to the standard that God has, which is far more than anything we can ever think of.

Proverbs 22:4 -> Riches, Honor, Life

Humbling yourself is telling God that He is more important.


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