Can You Talk To God with Boldness?

This morning I was reading Exodus as part of my one year reading plan, which I all encourage you guys to find one. There are lots of great ones on youversion. Anyways, back to Exodus, in chapters 31 -32 is where Moses was up on the mountain hearing from God of what he needed to do for Aaron and how to build the Tabernacle. While Moses was up in the clouds, the rest of the people along with Aaron were down there waiting for Moses. The people got fed up with waiting for Moses and told Aaron, to make us gods, so that we can worship them. Aaron compromised and an idol in the shape of a calf was created from all of their gold earrings. When God saw all that was happening He told Moses to go back down to his people for they were bowing down to an idol, which was the golden calf. He then said to Moses, “…Now leave me along so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation” v.10. Now God was just in his righteous anger, but I want to point out on what Moses did. He went to God with boldness and sought out favor for his people, that He would not destroy them. In the end it says that God relented and did not bring on the disaster He had threaten. 

Whoa, wait a minute. Did Moses really just tell God what to do?

Absolutely not. What this shows is that God honors the faith and prayers of his people. God answers to the people who are faithful to Him, which in this case Moses definitely was. Moses intensely prayed for his people and God had mercy on his people.

I want you to put yourself in Moses position and God told you to move aside so he can destroy the people, what would your reaction be? Afraid? Well, I’m just being obedient to the Lord, so it’s not wrong for me to step aside. Your right, but Moses was honest and TALKED TO GOD about it. This shows that we have a RELATIONSHIP with God and that it’s not just a religion. 

So what’s my point in all this? Do you have that kind of relationship where you can talk to God about anything and be honest in all that. Or is your relationship with Him in a place where God is just ‘up there’ and anything I say is small to Him. I want to remove that lie right now and let you know God wants a relationship with you, He is SEEKING you. So do not shy away from that. Pray for boldness to be open with your life to God.

It is not wrong to let God know what you are feeling, even if it’s wrong at the time. The first step to everything is to pray. Talk to God about your feelings and be honest, so in that way he can change your heart, change the way you feel towards this person, etc. 

As we go into this new year. Deeper your relationship with God. May there be intimacy in your relationship with God. Don’t be afraid, open up. You can trust Him.


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