He Won’t Relent

Tonight, My Father has placed something on my heart.
A couple of days ago I was listening to You Won’t Relent by Jesus Culture.
That He won’t relent till He has all of me, and yet I think to myself,
‘Will He ever have all of me?’
That I would surrender my EVERYTHING to Him.
I’m tired of just sitting here, doing nothing to impact this world, while there are people that need us out there.
There are people starving everyday and yet we’re worried about whether we’ll get the iPhone 4 or not.
There are people out there that are lost, and yet we are sitting on the couch, watching tv.
When’s the last time we stayed up all night praying, fighting for someone?
Tears flow down my cheeks as I’m writing this.

Move in me Lord. Place a sense of urgency upon my heart.
Help me to be the LIGHT for this world.
Give me a heart for the lost, for the poor.
MOLD my heart to become like Yours.
Stir up a passion inside my heart for your people.
Let your love overwhelm me so I can overwhelm others with your LOVE.


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